How do I install KeeGuard?

We have recently added a KeeGuard assembly guide to the KeeGuard section of the Simplified Safety website, illustrating just how quick and simple the system is to assemble.

As with any task at height, the assembly must be planned as a result of a risk assessment.

On new builds or refurbishments, it is quite typical for there to be temporary edge protection in place, allowing installers to safely work at the edge of the roof.  It is worth pointing out though the roof edge is not typically the only hazard on a roof especially at the construction/refurbishment phase and extra care and attention must be taken for other hazards including unprotected roof openings, trip hazards, other trades working alongside you, overhead lifts, safe access/egress and safely getting materials to the roof and then ensuring the materials are evenly distributed to minimise point loadings.

For roofs where there is no existing edge protection there are multiple options, it may be that it is possible to assemble a section of handrail in a safe area of the roof for example 2.5 m from the edge and then, taking into consideration the manual handling regulations, walk the assembled section into place using that as your edge protection, also being aware that the section needs to be of sufficient weight to take the load of the installer falling against it should it be required. The typical solution is to work form a mobile man anchor like the Weightanka or dependent on the workers competencies they may be able to select a suitable tie-off point. Finally it may be that there is an existing parapet or up-stand which may be too low in certain areas or simply not the required overall height (which is why a Guardrail system is being installed in the first place), that through a risk assessment & method statement may be deemed suitable to allow the installers to work safely whilst assembling the barrier system.

Other considerations for installing a counterweighted roof guardrail system are the roof is structurally suitable for any roof mounted equipment and personnel, roof membranes are compatible with the rubber and PVC pads of the KeeGuard system (dependent on the membrane type sometimes interface pads to distribute the weight or sacrificial patches of membrane are recommended) and where there is no up-stand at the roof edge the standards require a 150mm toeboard to be fitted.

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roof edge protection

  • Doesn't penetrate the roof
  • Will last decades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Exceeds EN standards
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