'A risky recession'

Health and Safety Duties for Businesses in the Credit Crunch

Isn't it a travesty that some companies are cutting back on health and safety duties and running the risk of becoming victims of the new Offences Act 2008?

Having caused this financial crisis, some greedy bankers are still refusing credit and support to all sizes of businesses through this economic downturn. Now it has become apparent that health and safety requirements are being neglected due to lack of money.

By reading insurance company reviews and workplace law publications, it seems that not a day goes by without there being fatal or serious accidents that are totally avoidable and easily preventable.

Some companies are not even risk assessing dangerous work activities, other issues which have arisen are lack of supervision, inadequate and insufficient competence on sites and not providing essential safety protection for employees.

Companies may think that by having a written health and safety policy they are 'covered' in their health and safety requirements.

A Policy is just a piece of paper until the words are put into practice, safety should be monitored, reviewed and updated as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

So employers don't neglect your duties, good practice in health and safety makes sound business sense!

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