Chemical spill in Hungary reminds us of the importance of hazard containment

Why does it always have to be a disaster to remind us of why certain safety measures are important. Perhaps your company doesnÂ’t deal with an entire reservoir of chemical waste, but many companies need to control some sort of flammable or caustic substance. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your companies chemical procedures.

  • Do you have all the operating instructions and information for the hazardous material you are storing?
  • Do you store your hazardous materials in a suitable dangerous or hazardous goods storage cabinet space
  • Are you prepared for a chemical spill? How would you contain it? Do you have the proper materials on hand to contain the spill? What would be the action plan?
  • Even small spillages can be hazardous and are easily overlooked, have you taken reasonable care by providing a reservoir to contain these in the form of a spill pallet or secondary contaiment sump?
  • Are any potential hazards adequately marked with appropriate signage?

Here are the guidelines from the HSE on proper Health and Safety in the manufacturing, storage, supply, carriage and use of chemicals in the workplace. If you have further questions, please contact our sales engineers.

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