Construction workers feel safer?

Here at Simplified Safety we wanted to set the tone of our first blog post to promote some safety discussion while also providing some interesting information for the industry.

According to a new survey from the British Safety Council (BSC), those who work in the construction industry have shown a marked improvement in their perception of safety, with only 2% now feeling unsafe compared with 21% in 2007.

There is no room for complacency, however, with as many as a third of workers in this industry believing that too much time and money is spent on managing health and safety in the workplace.

The full report is available to view online or download at and includes quotes, regional statistics and a selection of case studies from BSC members.

The questions we ask are:

What changes to safety leglislation would you say have caused such a significant change to workers feeling safe at their workplace?

Is there now an over emphasis on Health and safety in the workplace and if there is, is it a worthwhile tradeoff?

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