NEBOSH update the National Construction Certification

The BSC have written an article which highlights the importance of this qualification in the construction industry and also goes on to detail the changes to this certification

"Construction has the largest number of fatal injuries compared to other main industry groups. HSE data for 2007/08 shows that 31% of all fatal injuries were in the construction industry - 72 fatal injuries to workers, and major 3,764 injuries to employees."

"The National Construction Certificate is an essential qualification for those working in the construction sector who have responsibility for the safety of their contractors. The qualification is also appropriate for supervisors and managers working in other industries such as utilities, and even broadcasting, where temporary workplaces are a feature of their activities."

What are the benefits of having someone with this certificate in my orginisation, why would I need it?

Simply put, the course entitles you to BSC support and access to experts via telephone and online, but also enables you to have your own safety expert on site ensuring best safe practices and overall worker safety.

Safety worker note: Who has the qualification at your site and is it up to date?

What does the qualification cover?

Well the course itself is split into 3 sections:

    Unit NGC 1
  1. Foundations in health and safety
  2. Policy
  3. Organising for health and safety
  4. Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Principles of control
  7. Monitoring, review and audit
  8. Incident and accident investigation and reporting
    Unit NCC1
  1. Construction law and management
  2. Construction activities hazards and control
  3. Movement of people and vehicles hazards and control
  4. Manual and mechanical handling hazards and control
  5. Work equipment hazards and control
  6. Electrical hazards and control
  7. Fire hazards and control
  8. Chemical and biological health hazards and control
  9. Physical and psychological health hazards and control
  10. Working at height hazards and control
  11. Excavation work and confined spaces hazards and control
  12. Demolition hazards and control
    Unit NCC2 - Construction Health and Safety Practical Application

So what has changed?

The course has been modified to enable you to branch out and obtain other certification, if you have completed the NGC1 within the last 5 years, you can now complete the NGC2 and NGC3 to complete the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety or complete the FC1 and FC2 in order to complete the NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate.

The course also covers any changes to leglisation and policies within the last 5 years, bringing you and therefor your orginisation up to speed with the latest safety best practices.

You can find the course all over the UK, however the BSC are running special courses at the following locations:

26/10/2009, Birmingham

02/11/2009, London

For more details on the course, including courses in your area, visit the BSC website.

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