The importance of procedures

The one thing I find astonishing about this industry is that so many people seem to disregard common sense in order to 'get the job done', we are all guilty of it, unless set rules are in place, we tend to make our own and they are not always based with logic and specifically safety in mind.

How many times have you observed others or even been guilty yourself of crossing barriers without the correct safety equipment or performing work solo when you know your own risk assessment would frown upon the action?

The reality of fatal accidents in the work place are generally fluke accidents and are normally due to negligence or complacency, how many times have you heard someone say “Ive been doing this for years” or “no one ever goes up there”? The fact remains that it only takes one slip or someone to access an area they are not supposed to for that person to become a statistic.

This infographic from Safersphere reminds us just how important that clear procedures are put into place and enforced.

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