An open and shut case for safety gates

Industrial safety gates

The use of self-closing gates, commonly in gaps in guardrail systems to allow roof access from a fixed ladder, has seen a marked increase in recent years with the advent of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 where any work at height is required to be planned as a result of a risk assessment.

It is not it is still not uncommon to see chains or draw bars used to allow access to the roof instead, the big downside to these being used is that if the chain or drawbar is not replaced (and often isn’t) an open void is created in the fall protection system and so a significant fall hazard is created at the roof edge.

The solution to this problem is to use a self-closing gate, once the user has passed through the gate; a spring closes the gap, filling the open void once more reducing the risk of human error.

Industrial safety gate

Simplified Safety’s self-closing gate has been designed with ease of installation in mind. It is supplied at a standard 1m width and can be easily cut to the correct width if required. The Tubular bend of the gate is fixed to the assembly using a fitting so is easily removed using a standard Allen key, cut to size and quickly re-assembled, making it an ideal product to modify on site where exact measurements are not known beforehand.

The Gate also features an adjustable spring mechanism meaning that the speed of the gate closure can be set and provides the option of reversing the direction it closes, ideal for example in the instance you suddenly realise that you have installed it the wrong way round. Gates should of course open in the opposite direction to where a fall is likely to occur.

Each gate is supplied with all the fixings needed to connect it securely to standard tubular uprights and has a fixing plate to allow you to fix it to suitable walls or flat surfaces.

Double gate

The use of self-closing gates is stipulated in BS EN 14122 parts 3 & 4 and the Simplified Safety Gate is designed to meet the dimensional, loading and corrosion requirements of that Standard.

Although typically used at height the gate is also suitable for ground based barrier rails for example in factories or on loading bays.

Self-closing industrial gates

  • Self-closing
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Holds up under severe industrial conditions
  • Meets BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016
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