Tower block register

A register of residential tower blocks in England is to be set up after the Lakanal House fire in south London killed six people, including three children.

The fire at Lakanal House in Camberwell, which police are still investigating, prompted checks on other high-rises across the country. These revealed hundreds of fire risk assessments required by law had not been carried out. The register, due in the summer, will show if assessments have been done. It will show when checks were conducted and any action required.

But the register is only likely to cover buildings owned by housing authorities and housing associations, and only those in England. It will not include privately run blocks such as Dodgeholme Court in Halifax, which had to be shut down and all the occupants re-housed after a spot check prompted by the Camberwell fire revealed fire-safety failings deemed to be a "serious and imminent risk" to residents.

The focus of fire safety responsibility has shifted following the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Order. The implication on landlords is becoming more and more public. In the light of tragedies such as the Lakanal House incident, there is increased pressure to ensure all housing is up to standard. It will not be possible to use ignorance as an excuse.

In order to conduct a fire risk assessment you must understand:

  1. The process of fire risk assessment
  2. Your own business process
  3. The implications of the legislation

Can you afford not to have your fire risk assessment looked at by the professionals?

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