Complete fall protection solutions

This recent project demonstrates that not only can we provide a complete solution to your fall protection problems, but also that our extensive range of fall protection products means we can offer the best option to suit a customer’s requirements.

Complete fall protection solution Kee Guard

On one part of the building, access is required regularly to the whole of the roof area and the most suitable option was KeeGuard roof edge protection to provide a low risk, collective solution.

Mobile man anchor for roofs

On another part of the building, due to plant and equipment being in a small area, away from the roof edge and only requiring irregular access, it was assessed that the Weightanka mobile man anchor would be most reasonably practicable option, significantly reducing the initial cost of a full perimeter roof guardrail system.

Roof platform step over

The other problems they encountered was where an existing bridging ladder at the edge of a roof would required a break in conventional systems, either leaving an open void where someone could fall. Normally this would require them to fix to either the roof or potentially weaken the structure of the bridging structure, it is this scenario where our KeeGuard system really shines, by using Kee Klamp fittings. The system can be designed to include step-over platforms that would help staff tackle any roof obstacles.

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