Safety? Play it safe and lose out, or take the risk, what would you do?

Introducing Jeff Rowley, the Kee Safety product specialist and trainer

Within the last few months I was asked by one of our approved installers to provide support on the placement and specification of some Ringanka EN795 Class A1 eyebolts as window cleaning anchor points in a high profile building project in the West Midlands.

On the lower floors my advice was to move the eyebolts above the windows as there was insufficient height to allow a fall to be arrested otherwise (restraint was not possible due to the windows design). Further up the buildings stairwell quite a number of eyebolts where able to be removed from the project as the windows were sealed units and so did not require window cleaning anchorage points.

The revised quote went in to the client (An Architect) and despite the advice provided the Architect asked for all windows the have the eyebolts placed underneath them for reasons of aesthetics, including the windows which had no requirement for the eyebolts.

This leaves our installer with a difficult commercial decision to make. Do they distance themselves from the project and lose what would be a valuable order (and allow a competitor to get the business anyway)? Fight their corner and not deal with the client again in the future? Proceed with the clientÂ’s instructions and issue a disclaimer to avoid future prosecution? Or should they go ahead with the clients instructions and then report the site to the HSE on completion?

What decision would you make in their situation?

Despite specialist safety companies giving advice, however good, if the client won't or doesn't understand the consequences of ignoring it, then it doesn't matter how much money is spent on safety, serious accidents and deaths will keep on occurring.

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