Does your roof parapet measure up?

Roof parapet hadnrail

Fall protection on your roof is very important and can often be overlooked or dismissed with comments like 'We never have anyone on our roof' or 'We have a roof parapet'. However, the HSE considers scheduled maintenance which is performed twice a year to be regular maintenance and therefore requires adequate safety measures to be in place. Failure to protect an individual who is carrying out regular maintenance can be subject to prosecution!

Simply having a roof parapet does not guarantee that adequate fall protection is in place. It is highly recommended that any parapet wall acting as fall protection be 1.1m high, meaning older buildings with existing, smaller parapet walls are recommended to be extended to meet this 1.1m guideline.

We can offer several solutions which can assist you in ensuring that your roof edge protection 'measures up' which are cost effective and have a variety of configuration options to help you find the edge protection system that works for your roof.

1. Raise the parapet height using modules

Handrail modules for parapets

This is the simplest solution. If you can fix to your roof parapet, there are several handrail options. We offer extension modules that attach to the top or sides of the parapet or to the outside of the building.

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2. Install a non-penetrating full height guardrail

Non penetrating roof handrail

If penetrating the outside wall or parapet wall is not an option, a freestanding, non-penetrating guardrail can be used to keep people back from the roof edge.

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