Fragile skylight and rooflight protection for metal profile roofs

In a previous article we've discussed the issues around falls through sky lights and rooflights and the importance of protecting them and detailing the options, in this article we are discussing specifying the Kee Cover fragile roof light cover in particular.

Even when designed to be ‘non-fragile’ many factors have an affect on how long that non-fragility can be maintained so where in doubt we offer the Kee Cover fragile rooflight cover (the National Association for Rooflight Manufacturers offers advice here).

Industrial buildings by their design are required to have multiple in-plane roolights, sometimes totalling in the hundreds.  If it is uneconomic to protect all, then is it an acceptable solution to protect some? If so, which?

As with any work at height any controls need to be selected as the result of a risk assessment and the identified task to be carried out on the roof needs to be specific. What that means is it often isn’t possible to provide a fall prevention system to try to cover every eventuality often not without incurring excessive cost or in the end creating a fall protection system that isn’t fit for purpose.

If for example you have workers who need to regularly access a piece of plant for maintenance it makes sense to work out a safe path to that equipment, ideally indicated by a designated walkway or identified route. So it makes sense that Kee Cover fragile roof light covers would be protecting roof lights adjacent to the roof access point and along the designated route.

It is quite common to specify a horizontal lifeline system (HLL) for this kind of access, keeping the user in restraint, so being unable to reach a fragile roof light and can be the most economic solution.

It may in fact be better to specify a combination of both a HLL and Kee Cover fragile rooflight covers due to factors such as misuse, unsuitable connectors, not having the correct space between rooflights or unsuitable roof shape to allow a HLL system alone to be correctly configured in restraint.

The Kee Cover is available in two options- standard or raised, while both have been designed to  stop a person falling through a rooflight the raised version has been designed to not damage the rooflight underneath should someone fall onto it, important to think about where machinery (resulting in costly down-time) or staff underneath would be adversely affected if the skylight above was damaged and resulted falling fragments. This consideration and the cost to repair or replace a damaged rooflight in the event of an incident may be a factor in which would be the raised model may be the preferred choice.

As with all of our systems we are pleased to discuss your requirements and offer a free site survey if required.

Fragile roof covers and guardrails

  • Protect from falls through skylights
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be configured to suit most spaces
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