How to prevent falls through a fragile roof: Kee Cover solutions

Kee Cover solutions for fragile roofs

Nine people die every year falling through a fragile roof, and many more are seriously injured, an HSE report shows. Roof lights or skylights can be a tricky area to work around, so make sure you’ve got all your safety measures in place.

This article talks about the Kee Cover range, a solution designed to protect workers from falling through a roof light, while keeping the building illuminated.

Why do these accidents happen in the first place?

  • Weather and UV damage affect the layers of protection for skylights over time, even when these roof lights had been deemed ‘man safe’ during the manufacturing stage. This means that they can quickly become brittle and unsafe.
  • Older skylights can discolour to such a degree that they blend in with the metal profiled roof. This means that they are easy to step on, making them commonly prone to the highest risk of fall from height.
  • Certain roof sections have not been secured properly in the first place, or the sheets and fixings have reached the end of their design performance.

What is Kee Cover?

Kee Cover is a mesh cover that protects workers against falls through fragile roof lights. The mesh panel top sits onto a metal frame made from Kee Klamp fittings and tube.

Kee Cover is suited to metal profile roofs where inline roof level skylights are common.

This skylight cover is fully hot dip galvanised, which makes it corrosion and UV resistant.

Fully tested and compliant

  • Tested to the Class B criteria and loadings required in the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies
  • Subjected to a drop test of 1200 joules ensuring compliance to BS EN 1873

Which Kee Cover should you choose?

  • Standard panel Kee Cover:
    • Low profile
    • Suits in-line skylights
    • Prevents workers falling through the roof
    • May not stop the skylight from being damaged
  • Raised panel Kee Cover
    • Mounted on small legs to maintain a good distance from the roof light
    • Prevents workers falling through the roof
    • Designed not to damage the skylight in the event of a fall
    • Allows the skylight to be cleaned without exposing the worker to risk

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Fragile roof covers and guardrails

  • Protect from falls through skylights
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be configured to suit most spaces
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