New fall protection solution: KeeGuard Premium

We are pleased to announce yet another product offering that allows us to provide an edge protection solution for roofs that have limited space available.

Introducing Kee Guard Premium, it has been designed to provide the same level of protection as standard counterbalanced systems but a fraction of the footprint.

KeeGuard Premium

Its unique bases have been designed with the installer in mind, constructed in two parts for ease of transport so that no part of the system will be more than 20KG meaning that a single person can prepare a Kee Guard premium installation.

KeeGuard Premium weights

Kee Guard Premium is perfect for rooftops with solar panels as it limits trip hazards and reduce the space used.

It is good to have a product that will fill this niche and usually problematic issue.

Is KeeGuard the solution for you?

  • Freestanding roof edge protection
  • Suitable for flat roofs
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
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