Self-closing stair gates for an office environment

Self-closing gate indoors

KeeGate self-closing safety gates are commonly used in an industrial environment. We usually recommend them for roof hatches, open voids or as part of a more complex safety barrier. However, a business in Dubai showed that these gates can easily be integrated within an elegant office.

Why safety gates?

The business was looking for an access solution for their office staircases. The self-closing gates seemed like the perfect fit in this situation as they would:

  • Prevent people falling down the stairs
  • Suggest that access was restricted to the wider public
  • Be easy to install and use
  • Be extremely durable and sustain the effects of a potentially high traffic area.

KeeGate interior safety gate

Powder coating

The gate was powder coated in white so it would match the office colour scheme. In addition to the gate, two uprights using Kee Klamp fittings and tube were supplied (also powder-coated) to allow the gate to be mounted without modifying the existing steelwork.

As with many of our products, we can offer additional polyester powder-coating on top of the long-term corrosion resistance offered by the standard hot dip galvanising finish.

Examples of this include where roof guardrails have been coloured for higher visibility or to match the clients’ corporate or preferred colour scheme.

Powder coated galvanised steel fittings

Our KeeGates can quickly be purchased in either a galvanised finish, or in the safety yellow powder-coated finish.

KeeGate white

Double self-closing gates for wider areas

If you need to fit gates in areas that exceed 1m in width, then you might need a self-closing double gate. These gates self-return using the same spring mechanism as our single gates and are as easy to install as well. They come in 2 parts (each of 0.9m wide) and can be cut to size on site.

We recommend you choose self-closing gates instead of chains, bars or other demarcation methods, as they eliminate the risk of human error.

Self-closing industrial gates

  • Self-closing
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Holds up under severe industrial conditions
  • Meets BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016
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Self-closing gates can be used in a variety of situations. They keep people safe and limit the risk of accidents.

We get a lot of questions about Keegate, so we thought we would answer them for you here:

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