Want to protect your employees from accidental falls? We have the solution for you!

Industrial gates are essential for a safe working area. Select the suitable solution from our range of self closing safety or mezzanine gates.

What is in our industrial self-closing safety gates

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keegate industrial safety gate

Industrial self-closing safety gates are Ready to install and shipped quickly

Safety Gate


Kee Gate withstands downwards pressure to 225 kg, was tested for 50,000 closures without failure and is corrosion resistant.

Easy to Assemble

Adjust on site

With a few simple tools, the Kee Gate can be cut on site to fit any size opening. Requires no welding on site.


Keeps you safe

Features a spring loaded self-closing hinge, keeping users safe and secure after entering through. Tested with the most rigorous environments in mind.

Code Expertise


The only industrial gate currently on the market built to meet the latest requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016.

How to install an industrial safety gate


Attachment Bracket

Attachment Bracket

The attachment bracket is made to work universally on the most pipe and angle iron.
Gate Stopper

Gate Stopper

Gate stopper is fully rubberized to prevent damage to the contact point.
Self-closing Spring

Self-closing Spring

The gate spring is protected in a galvanized cylinder and has adjustable tension.
Adjustment Mechanism

Adjustment Mechanism

Installation requires only a few simple tools. No cutting or welding is required.

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