Mezzanine pallet gates
for any industrial use

Keep safe while loading and unloading goods on mezzanine floors with our incredibly strong safety gates. Designed to be installed on the edge of mezzanine floors, these gates come in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit your space.

Up-and-over safety pallet gates
for mezzanine floors

These industrial safety gates can provide permanent protection for openings on the mezzanine where goods loading and unloading takes place.

safety pallet gate

Designed to keep you safe

These heavy-duty gates have been specifically designed to provide permanent hazard protection when moving goods between different working levels. With an up-and-over opening and closing system, the gate ensures that there is no gap on the mezzanine when goods are handled using forklifts, keeping workers safe at all times.

Thoroughly tested

Compliance with European and local safety regulations is incredibly important. Our safety gates meet the latest requirements of EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4.

Just like our simple gates, the mezzanine gates were tested for hinge mechanism durability (cycle tested for 50,000 openings) and weather resistance (salt spray tested for 672 hours), making them some of the most versatile products on the market.

industry compliant safety gates

Incredibly easy to install and repair

These gates are modular and come to you part assembled for ease of installation. The product doesn't include any welded parts either, so any damage can be easily repaired, keeping the gate operational at all times.

High quality components

Our pallet gates are made to last. Using either galvanised steel or aluminium (depending on the model), these gates are built to industrial strength, making sure that they work to high standards in any type of weather, come sunshine or rain.

safety gate components
safety gate components

Various sizes and finishes available

Our pallet gates come in 4 different sizes, 2 types of materials (either steel or aluminium) and 2 finishes (standard silver or powder coated yellow).

Which gate should you choose

  • Standard mezzanine gate: Suitable for loads of max 1.30m (D), 1.08m (W) and 1.56m (H).
  • Narrow mezzanine gate: Suitable for loads of max 1.30m (D), 1.25m (W) and 1.65m (H).
  • Tall load mezzanine gate: Suitable for loads of max 1.30m (D), 1.40m (W) and 2.25m (H).
  • Wide load mezzanine gate: Suitable for loads of max 1.72m (D), 1.10m (W) and 1.53m (H).
  • Very tall load mezzanine gates with weights: Suitable for loads of max 1.50m (D), 2.00m (W) and 2.50 m (H).
safety gates for any application
safety gates for any application

Full mezzanine safety solutions

Looking for a full solution for your mezzanine floor? Get in touch with our team who can help you choose a safe system:



Get a system overview, read about our gates' compliance to standards, see components and details on recertification in our brochure.

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