Wide load pallet gate (for loads 1.95m wide x 1.60m high)

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Product Description

safety pallet gate

Technical details

Colour: Silver

This wide pallet gate is designed to fit:

  • Max load depth: 1.40m
  • Max load width: 1.95m
  • Max load height: 1.60m

Space requirements (excluding pallets)

  • Width: 2.02m
  • Depth: 1.57m
  • Height: 2.01m

Designed to keep you safe

Moving goods around a busy warehouse can present many risks. The moving of pallets from one floor to another has a host of problems associated with it for both the handler of the goods and the transporter themselves.

Our pallet gate limits the dangers involved in moving pallets around your factory or mezzanine, ensuring a barrier always exists between the user and any potential fall hazard.

a pallet gate to keep you safe
industry compliant safety gates

Thoroughly tested

Compliance with European and local safety regulations is incredibly important. Our safety gates meet the latest requirements of EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4.

Just like our simple gates, the mezzanine gates were tested for hinge mechanism durability (cycle tested for 50,000 openings) and weather resistance (salt spray tested for 672 hours), making them some of the most versatile products on the market.

Easy assembly & maintenance

Our pallet gates come part assembled for ease of installation. No welding is required on site due to its straight-forward modular tube and fittings system.

The gate requires virtually no maintenance and, in the unlikely event that a gate section is damaged, you can easily replace it with no specialist tools and minimum down-time for your business.

See how it works - Ground view

See how our gates work by watching this video of a forklift unloading a pallet on the mezzanine floor.

See how it works - Mezzanine view

See how our gates allow for goods loading and unloading by watching this video of the gate on the mezzanine floor.

safety gates for any application

Full mezzanine safety solutions

Looking for a full solution for your mezzanine floor? Get in touch with our team who can help you choose a safe system:

Additional Information

Dimensional Weight (kgs) 77.0000
Weight (kgs) 77
Manufacturer Kee Safety
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