Mezzanine pallet gates
for any industrial use


Will keep your workers safe and sound while working on the mezzanine floor.

Easy to Assemble

Part assembled, making these incredibly simple to install and repair.


Industry compliant to EN ISO 14122 and BS 6375-2:2009.


Available in 4 sizes and 2 finishes: standard silver and powder-coated yellow.

What is a pallet / mezzanine gate?

Mezzanine or pallet gates

The safe-access pallet gate is designed to provide complete protection to the person working on the mezzanine. The pallet is contained in railing before and after it is loaded onto the mezzanine, ensuring that workers are never exposed to dangerous fall hazards.

Technical info

  • Compliant with EN 14122-3 requirements for assured safe operation
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium dependant on customer requirements
  • Built using Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings, TUV approved components for quality assurance
  • No welded parts so any damage can be easily repaired, keeping the gate operational
  • Cycle tested for 50,000 openings for assured durability
  • Salt spray tested for corrosion resistance (672 hours) to allow continuous operation even in corrosive environments
  • Minimal number of moving parts for lower maintenance

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Which gate should you choose?

Standard mezzanine gate

Standard mezzanine gate

Suitable for loads of max 1.3 m (W), 1.08 m (L) and 1.56 m (H).
Narrow mezzanine gate

Narrow mezzanine gate

Suitable for loads of max 1.3 m (W), 1.25 m (L) and 1.65 m (H).
Tall load mezzanine gate

Tall load mezzanine gate

Suitable for loads of max 1.3 m (W), 1.4 m (L) and 2.25 m (H).
Wide load mezzanine gate

Wide load mezzanine gate

Suitable for loads of max 1.72 m (W), 1.1 m (L) and 1.53 m (H).

pallet gate in use

Why use our
pallet gates?

  • No waiting for quotes, order directly online
  • Doesn't require any on-site fabrication
  • Powder coated versions available, for increased visibility
  • Comes part assembled for easy installation
  • Virtually maintenance free

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