Full height safety gates
For CAT ladders and roof access stairs

Fall Protection #1 Priority


Tested for 50,000 closures without failure. Corrosion resistant.

Easy to Assemble


Can be cut on site to fit openings smaller than 1m in width. Requires no welding.

Stay Safe

Keep safe

Features a spring loaded self-closing hinge, keeping you safe after entering through.

Code Expertise


Complies with EN4211: Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders.



Use both indoors and outdoors with absolute confidence that the gate will not rust.

Fixed ladder access gate

Full height gates for ladders and roofs

This tall, self closing safety gate is designed for use at the top of ladders, especially where guardrail is already present. The gate complies with EN 4211 (and relates to Permanently Fixed Ladders). The standard states that the gate needs to be as tall as the guardrail surrounding it, needs to have a handrail, knee rail and toeboard. Our tall gates are 1100 mm tall and are compliant with our roof edge protection system, KeeGuard.

The tall Kee Gate can be retrofitted to any existing structure as it includes a fixing pack that accommodates most structures (see the Brochure for more info). Available in Galvanised steel and Galvanised steel + Powdercoat (yellow).

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Full height gates gallery

The non-powder-coated version of our tall gate

The powder-coated version of the gate in use

Full height gate for ladders: dimensions

The gate has a spring-loaded mechanism

A full height gate and roof edge protection system

Powder-coated tall gate installed on a CAT ladder

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