Galvanised steel CAT ladder safety gates

This tall, self-closing safety gate is designed for use at the top of CAT ladders and roof access stairs, especially where guardrail is already present. Our ladder gates are 1100 mm tall and are compatible with our roof edge protection system, KeeGuard. These fixed ladder gates can be retrofitted to any existing structure as it includes a fixing pack that accommodates most structures.

For a safer roof access

Our full height safety gates can provide permanent protection for any openings, ladder or stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required.

Designed to keep you safe

Created to keep you safe while accessing a roof via fixed ladders, our tall safety gate provides that much needed barrier between the ladder and the roof edge. Mount it so that it easily opens at the point of roof access; the gate then self closes behind users once they are on the roof.

fixed ladder gate
ladder gate tested

Thoroughly tested

All our gates go through thorough testing to ensure safety and durability:

  • Tested for 50,000 closures without failure
  • Salt spray tested for over 200 hours to assess corrosion performance

Industry compliant

The gate complies with EN 4211 (and relates to Permanently Fixed Ladders). The standard states that the gate needs to be as tall as the guardrail surrounding it, needs to have a handrail, knee rail and toeboard. Our tall gates are 1100 mm tall.

Compliance with European and local safety regulations is incredibly important. Our safety gates meet the latest requirements of:

  • EN ISO 14122 : 2016 Part 3
  • EN 4211 : 2008
  • EN 13374 Class A

cat ladder gate compliance
indutrial roof gate adjusted

Adjustable on site

Because it is made of Kee Klamp fittings and galvanised steel, the width of the gate ca easily be modified on site using just a hacksaw. Just cut the excess tube and assemble it as you normally would. This ensures that the gate fits in the exact space you have available (as long as it is less than 1m).

High quality weatherproof components

Here are some of the components that make Kee Gate special:

  • Galvanised components: The gate uses 33.7mm diameter tube with a 3.2mm wall thickness and Kee Klamp fittings.
  • Self-closing spring: The gate spring is protected in a galvanized cylinder and has adjustable tension.
  • Gate stopper: The gate stopper is fully rubberized to prevent damage to the contact point.
  • Attachment bracket: The attachment bracket is made to work universally on most pipe and angle iron.
fixed ladder gate dimensions and components
easy to install roof safety gate

Easy to install

Kee Gate comes part assembled and is straight forward to install. Connecting it to the supporting structure is straight-forward and is done using a U-bolt which provides connection around any flat, square or tubular stringer from 33.7 – 48.3mm.

There’s an option to suit your project

Our gates come in a variety of sizes and finishes to ensure that there is an option to suit your project:

self closing gates



Get a system overview, read about our gates' compliance to standards, see components and details on recertification in our brochure.

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