Hi-vis self-closing gates

Our yellow industrial gates are built to help you be aware of dangerous openings, whether you are working on a roof, in a warehouse or in any other hazardous environment.

High visibility gates

Our yellow safety gates come in a variety of designs and sizes to ensure suitability in a range of settings – from roofs and fixed ladders to warehouses and factories.

Incredibly sturdy

There is no flimsy plastic in here: our gates were built to last! Made of heavy duty galvanised steel and Kee Klamp fittings, the gates are seriously strong and can be used in virtually any environment – from warehouses to factories and roofs, no matter the weather.

galvanised steel safety gates
self closing gate for roofs

Perfect for industrial and commercial use

Because of how sturdy they are, customers have successfully used our gates in industrial and commercial settings:

  • In factories, to limit access to machinery
  • In warehouses, to mark the entry and exit of walkways
  • In combination with a stepover platform to facilitate the maintenance of tall units
  • Around roof entry points to prevent users from falling over edges or hatches.

Durable powder-coating

All our gates are powder-coated to EN 13438. We use a polyester coating applied to the already galvanised and polished products.

powder coated safety gate
self closing yellow gates

High quality weatherproof components

Here are some of the components that make Kee Gate special:

  • Galvanised components: The gate uses 33.7mm diameter tube with a 3.2mm wall thickness and Kee Klamp fittings.
  • Self-closing spring: The gate spring is protected in a galvanized cylinder and has adjustable tension.
  • Gate stopper: The gate stopper is fully rubberized to prevent damage to the contact point.
  • Attachment bracket: The attachment bracket is made to work universally on most pipe and angle iron.

Thoroughly tested

All our gates go through thorough testing to ensure safety and durability:

  • Tested for 50,000 closures without failure
  • Salt spray tested for over 200 hours to assess corrosion performance
safety gates compliant with standards
industrial style gates

There’s an option to suit your project

Our gates come in a variety of sizes and finishes to ensure that there is an option to suit your project:

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