Sturdy safety signs
Made of solid aluminium plates



Made of high quality aluminium plates, our signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Easy to install

Kee Signs are easy to install, with various fixing packs available

Stay Safe

Keep safe

Our signs are designed to ensure a safer environment for workers and the general public


Compliant solution

Our Kee Signs range is compliant to both ISO 1070 and EN 3864

About Kee Signs

Our safety signs have been designed to indicate possible hazards, restricted areas or mandatory actions. They are sturdy aluminium plates which have excellent UV resistance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Various mounting packs are available to help signage installation, depending on the environment. The Kee Signs can be used on roofs, around restricted areas, warehouses, factories or any other areas prone to hazards.

Why use Kee Signs?



Made of aluminium, the safety signs are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
High quality

High quality

Screen printed with high quality inks, far superior to typical rigid PVC signs.
Easy to fix

Easy to fix

Various fixing packs available: Kee Signs can easily be placed on various surfaces.
Easy to handle

Easy to handle

Kee Signs are 115 x 165mm and easy to mount onto difficult to access areas.


Installation example for a warehouse walkway: Pedestrians must use this route

Detail of the add-on sign fitting A13 used to fit Kee Signs on a handrail

Installation example on a roof. Glue was used to stick the nylon base to the surface

Installation example using 2 L plate fixing packs

Installation example using an L plate fixing pack on a metal roof

Detail of one of our warning signage: Danger, trip hazard

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