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The Highest Quality Free Standing, Roof Edge Fall Protection System on the Market

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The KeeGuard system is a modular, non-penetrative roof handrail that allows maximum flexibility to protect numerous edge protection requirements.

KeeGuard Rooftop Handrail systems are easy to install: no specialist installation training is required and in many cases a product “tool box talk” can be arranged free of charge to ensure that your installation team will have full confidence in performing their task.

As the HSE’s rules on Height safety become stricter, the requirements for adequate height protection become more demanding, the KeeGuard Free Standing, Roof Handrail system not only meets existing legalisation, but exceeds it; this means that any installation of Keeguard is more future proof than any comparable product.

A Roof Handrail system such as KeeGuard enables you to protect and utilise more of your rooftop while adhering to the safety requirements required for working at height and roof maintenance.

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KeeGuard has many variants and options that allow you to find a solution that is right for you, these include:

  • KeeGuard FoldShield for minimal visibility for instances where aesthetics are of importance.
  • KeeGuard Topfix where space is an issue.

Due to the high risks and number of fatalities involved in Working at Height, Rooftop Handrail is the preferred and safest method of fall protection available due to the minimal maintenance and training required.


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KeeGuard is Non-penetrating

KeeGuard is a modular free standing system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. The system offers maximum flexibility for most rooftop configurations, utilising recycled PVC weights, which are easy to carry and install as well as being environmentally friendly. Almost any flat roof up to 10 degrees can be accommodated. KEEGUARD has been tested by CERAM and APAVE and conforms to EN ISO 14122 pt3 and EN 13374 Part A.

Flexible & Cost Effective

KeeGuard is supplied in pre-fabricated modular kit with an integral kickboard fixing and a minimum number of assemblies allowing for ease of installation. The system's modular components allow installation of a 150m run by 2 people in 8 hours, saving you time and money where it counts most - on site. The system's modular components also allow for installation on split-level and low slope roofs.

Essential Fall Protection

KeeGuard has been fully tested, and when installed properly exceeds EN standards. The KeeGuard System can be used for roof edge fall prevention, walkway demarcation, stairwells, open lift shaft fall protection and skylight guardrail.

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KeeGuard Applications

Here are several industries that will find KeeGuard an asset to working safety on unprotected rooftops.

KeeGuard is an easy to assemble and adaptable system that can be used for most flat roof types, its modular design allows for easy de-construction and re-construction and as such can be used as a temporary or permanent solution for your edge protection needs.

If you are looking for a Permanent solution for your roof fall protection needs, Keeguard is the answer, this Fall Protection Guardrail System is the market leading system and the last word in safety guardrails.

KeeGuard is not just limited to Guardrail, it can be used in a variety of safety applications, these include Free Standing Safety Handrail, Demarcation and Barriers, providing you with a quickly relocatable system which will protect people from hazards.

Video Overview of the KeeGuard Rooftop Railing

How Can KeeGuard Roof Handrail Be Used?

Listed Below are a collection of applications using KeeGuard.

Physical Demarcation

Air Conditioning Servicing

Walkway Protection

Physical Demarcation is the safest way to protect a roof - take away all fall hazards to allow your workers to be able to stay completely focused on the job at hand.

Air Conditioning, fans, sensors, etc. are often located within 3 metres of a roof's edge. Provide a safe working area for employees and contractors that need to service these units.

Rooftops can be littered with hazards. A simple way to protect employees can be to provide a Clear Demarcation Route from point "A" to point "B".

Ladder Access Safety

Skylight Protection

Employee Access Areas

Most falls happen at this transition point. Protect your workers with a safe access point onto and off of the roof. KeeGuard integrates with our New self closing safety gates.

Many smaller skylights can be protected with screens that eliminate the fall hazard. Large skylights can be difficult to protect. KeeGuard roof roof hand-railing can bring your skylights into HSE compliance.

A common use for an otherwise unused rooftop is to provide a break area for employees. KeeGuard can help you make that area free from hazards.

Solar Panel Access

Multi-Level Roof Protection

Solar panels, an increasingly common and beneficial addition to the workplace, unfortunately this presents some additional hazards. Protect the people who maintain the skylights with the proper level of fall protection.

KeeGuards modularity allows it to span across and around multiple level roofs and other rooftop obstacles

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