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Non-counterweighted Edge Protection

Non-counterweighted free-standing roof guardrail

KeeGuard® Premium does not have the counterweights used by traditional roof edge protection guardrails and so has a smaller ‘foot print’ ideal where counterweighted systems could not fit, for example where solar panels, plant or other roof mounted equipment is installed.

The system has been tested to and complies with EN13374-A:2013 and can be used for either temporary or permanent applications.

KeeGuard® Premium can also be used in conjunction with Standard KeeGuard® where only part of a roof being fitted with edge protection has obstructions that won’t allow for counter-weights.

Non-counterweighted free-standing roof guardrail

KeeGuard® Premium’s base weight assembly is 550mm square x 161mm deep with a maximum weight of 40kg, moulded from recycled PVC in two interlocking halves.  Each base foot incorporates a comfortable carrying handle and slots for a toe board if required.  The inter-locking design also allows the weights to be stacked for ease of storage and transport.

Adaptable and easy to assemble the system is supplied with pre-built 1100mm high uprights that feature open cup fittings that allow the horizontal rails to be simply put into place. The uprights are fixed by galvanised steel collars and set screws.

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To comply with manual handling regulations weights can be split to allow a single person to carry the weight or be carried complete by two people using the moulded handles.

All railings and uprights are hot dip galvanised to EN ISO 1461 to provide long term resistance to corrosion.  As with most Kee products Powder coating over the galvanised finish is available as an optional extra.

Non-counterweighted free-standing roof guardrailNon-counterweighted free-standing roof guardrail

KeeGuard® Premium Non-counterweighted free-standing roof guardrail's Benefits

  • No counter weights, minimises trip hazards and allows installation into smaller areas.
  • Smaller footprint than counterweighted systems
  • Non penetrative, free standing system
  • Kee Klamp fittings ensure system's flexibility and strength
  • No waterproofing required
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Toeboards can be added if required
  • Conforms to EN 13374
  • Base feet can be split into two for manual handling compliance

How Can KeeGuard Non-Counterweighted Guardrail Be Used?

Listed Below are a collection of applications using KeeGuard Premium.

Physical Demarcation

Air Conditioning Servicing

Walkway Protection

Physical Demarcation is the safest way to protect a roof - take away all fall hazards to allow your workers to be able to stay completely focused on the job at hand.

Air Conditioning, fans, sensors, etc. are often located within 3 metres of a roof's edge. Provide a safe working area for employees and contractors that need to service these units.

Rooftops can be littered with hazards. A simple way to protect employees can be to provide a Clear Demarcation Route from point "A" to point "B".

Ladder Access Safety

Skylight Protection

Employee Access Areas

Most falls happen at this transition point. Protect your workers with a safe access point onto and off of the roof. KeeGuard integrates with our New self closing safety gates.

Many smaller skylights can be protected with screens that eliminate the fall hazard. Large skylights can be difficult to protect. KeeGuard roof roof hand-railing can bring your skylights into HSE compliance.

A common use for an otherwise unused rooftop is to provide a break area for employees. KeeGuard can help you make that area free from hazards.

Solar Panel Access

Multi-Level Roof Protection

Solar panels, an increasingly common and beneficial addition to the workplace, unfortunately this presents some additional hazards. Protect the people who maintain the skylights with the proper level of fall protection.

KeeGuards modularity allows it to span across and around multiple level roofs and other rooftop obstacles