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Personal Fall Protection Systems


For irregular maintenance tasks or for buildings or structures where collective protection measures are not suitable personal fall protection systems incorporating flexible lifelines or rails are available.

Lifeline systems allow users to connect to a wire, rope or rail using a compliant shock absorbing lanyard or connection and a full body harness. These systems are required to be designed to fall arrest standards (Flexible horizontal lifelines EN795 Class C, Horizontal rigid rails EN795 Class D) and to be CE marked. Well designed systems will include a traveller device which easily passes corner and intermediate brackets, providing the continuous protection of workers whilst connected to the system. Although designed and tested to fall arrest standards the fall protection hierarchy states that wherever possible these systems must be designed as ‘restraint’, where the system is positioned so the user is able to reach the fall hazard using a suitable connector but is not able to fall. The benefits of restraint over fall arrest are many, including, removing the need for providing a method of rescue, required by law, for fall arrest systems which adds additional training and equipment costs for the users and building owners. Learn more about the difference between fall arrest and fall restraint.


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It is extremely important that a lifeline, whether temporary or permanent, be installed and tested by a qualified person.

There are many types of Lifeline system, we have broken these types into non-penetrative lifeline systems and fixed lifeline systems.

Our non-penetrative Wireanka® lifeline system consists of a series of EN795 Class E deadweight anchors and KeeLine EN795 Class C wire system. Kee Safety have a range of systems, KeeLine® for roofs is a EN795 Class C & A2 permanent horizontal life line system with top-fixed low profile roof anchors for metal and membrane roofs, KeeLine for structures provides horizontal/overhead applications for brick, stone, concrete or steel structures.

For traditional through fix applications such as historical buildings, tiled roofs or green roofs KeeLine can be also used in conjunction with the Postanka range, which are quickly designed using a standard calculation program to meet the relevant criteria of EN795 to the customers requirements.

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