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Maintenance Platform

Maintenance Platform

All Maintenance Platforms have the following benefits.

  • Versatile
  • Tailored to suit application
  • Soft face options
  • Durable
  • Steel or Aluminium construction
  • Rapid assembly
  • Gate options
  • Complies to EN1004:2004, BE EN 1139-6:2005 and PAS 250.

Maintenance Platforms are adaptable, static work areas that allow elevated stable access around unusual or hard to access areas where heavy duty work is required.

Common uses of the Maintenance Platform is to provide static bridging, this can include changes in level of the roof, to bypass plantwork, pipework or rooftop obstacles or to provide permanent access to plantwork for regular maintenance or access.

Providing a fixed raised platform area with proper means of access is a safer alternative to ladder systems or portable access systems.

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Our Maintenance Platforms can be connected together in different configurations, such examples are as a bridging platform and raised work area protected by a guardrail, this ensures that your workers are provided with the maximum safe working area possible.

maintenance access platformmaintenance access platform

Our all-purpose Maintenance Platform allows heavy duty work to be performed where limited access or working area could limit and even prevent certain types of work happening. The Maintenance Platform provides a safe, stable working platform which can include heavy works and repairs to be undertaken.

When used as a Raised Access Platform, our Maintenance platforms can be utilised to perform regular tasks or even as a walk through when access would be dangerous or impossible.

maintenance access platformmaintenance access platform

Our Platforms use Kee Walk treads which are glass re-enforced nylon, designed so that water cannot pool onto the step, reducing the possibility of slipping.

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