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WeightAnchor® Mobile Man Anchor

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Mobile Man Anchor - Personal Fall Protection

A modular mobile man anchor fall protection system, for use with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The Kee Anchor® product group includes Weightanka®, Wireanka® and Accessanka® options.


Where collective measures are unsuitable or not achievable and it would not be possible or desirable to use a fixed personal fall protection system. Deadweight mobile man anchors provide a temporary or permanent, portable, non-penetrative solution.

The Kee Anchor® range of Class B, E and supports for Class C roof anchor devices for personal protection of workers carrying out roof level maintenance operations.

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Quick and Easy Installation

This video has been speed up x3 to show you how quick and easy it is to install the portable roof top fall protection anchor.

The Kee Anchor® range of portable deadweight mobile man anchor systems are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. Kee Safety takes a modular approach to roof man anchor systems. By using individual, smaller components, our range of roof anchor devices are much easier to lift and carry to and from the point of use; a basic system weights only 250Kg, with no single item weighing more than 25Kg.

Roof Top Anchor Presentation

This short presentation contains a lot of the technical information on the mobile man anchor system.

Pp Kee Anchor Weightanka 131108 from Simplified Safety UK