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Recertification Services

Fall protection systems require as a minimum 12 monthly inspections to either comply with Legislation or Manufacturer’s warranty, Simplified Safety offer a full Re-certification service.


Our Recertification service commences long before our Engineer arrives on site. Once the appointment is scheduled all the required paperwork is issued prior to the recertification. This includes a full On Site Safety Operations Policy, Risk Assessment and Method Statement specific to the recertification.

Where we are inspecting a system we have previously installed the Engineers are fully briefed and provided with electronic copies of the project’s initial installation details, including full access detail, drawings and PPE provided on site together with the names of those persons initially trained to use the system. In the case of new clients this information is requested prior to acceptance of the order for carrying out a recertification.

Simplified Safety’s re-certification provider is actively involved with key industry bodies such as the HSE, Construction Health & Safety Group, Work at Height Safety Association, Advisory Committee for Roof Safety and the British Safety Industry Federation, and ensures that its Recertification Engineers are fully trained on all relevant health & safety disciplines, they are also trained in a wide range of manufacturers products and systems. This includes annual refresher training on each topic as well as product.

The Recertification

Once on site and upon completion of any required inductions and the Dynamic Risk Assessment, our Engineer will carry out an evaluation of the property to establish if anything has changed since the last recertification.

This evaluation also includes an assessment of the following:

  • Condition of access provision to work at height equipment.
  • Permit to work issue and lone worker policy review.
  • Cat ladder/loft ladder access to the recertification area.
  • Additional equipment fitted at roof level that may now need protection.
  • Equipment bolted to the Fall Protection System by third parties e.g. aerials, lighting.
  • Changes in building configuration/extensions that may change how the fall protection system operates.
  • Additional tenant equipment fitted/tenant contractor access provision.
  • Rescue Policy, plan and equipment review.

Once we are satisfied with the above we will commence the recertification in accordance with the Operations and Maintenance Manual for the installed product/system.


Systems/Equipment Inspected

Fall Protection Systems

The Fall Protection System may be a guardrail, lifeline system, anchorage point, bespoke steelwork or ladder. All of these products were originally installed to specific standards and to protect particular areas.

Fall Protection Systems can be removed, damaged and tampered or, in some cases, even deployed. These systems need to be certified continually in order to ensure that they are safe to use at all times.

During the recertification we will assess the system in line with current regulations and provide a full electronic report. Any recommendations/remedial repairs will be noted on the report, where possible, small repairs will be carried out by our Engineer whilst on site.


In some cases PPE is required for use with the Fall Protection. Where more than one piece of PPE is being used, it is essential that the different items are compatible with one another. If a combination of PPE is being used, the person selecting that combination is seen as the ‘manufacturer’ and so the responsible person.

When it comes to specifying PPE equipment, this should only be done by a competent PPE specialist. Over the years we have inspected combinations of PPE which would certainly have caused severe injury to the user if they had fallen from a building.

Records and Inspection Logs

Once the recertification has been completed, an electronic recertification/inspection report will be sent together with the certificate for the equipment. These records are also stored on our servers for future reference and are reviewed before the following year’s recertification expires. All training certificates are also sent to you electronically and again stored on our servers as a back-up for you.


It is vital that everyone using the fall protection system is adequately trained to do so. This includes your employees and also persons not in your employ, but deemed to be under your control (Contractors). It is essential that all those using the fall protection system are also aware of the correct PPE combination of equipment. Extreme care must be taken in the case of fall restraint systems as the wrong length rope grab could prove fatal.

See our Training section for more information on training options available.

Further Information

For further information or to discuss your recertification requirements, please contact us on 0844 335 8460 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will ask one of our Re-certification team to contact you.