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Fragile Roof Cover

Roof Light Cover, Fragile Roof Light Protection

Protecting your Roof Light or Skylights can be the last thing on your mind but when you consider the statistics, you should rethink this, we are pleased to provide our new range of Fragile Roof Light Covers, a modular and easy to install solution that simply and easily fits the majority of existing roof lights, available with two options raised or flat and easily configurable.

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In the HSE Information sheet ‘GEIS5 Fragile roofs- Safe working practices’ it states “On average 7 people are killed each year after falling through a fragile roof or fragile roof light. Many others suffer permanent disabling injury. These accidents usually occur on roofs of factories, warehouses and farm buildings when roof repair work or cleaning is being carried out.”

image courtesy of HSE

Having a system that will protect fragile roof skylights is essential, most accidents involving fragile skylights happen when someone inadvertently step on a skylight that has aged, become brittle or simply was not designed to take the dynamic load of a person stepping or falling onto it.

Along with aging often comes discolouration often making rooflights, especially in bright sunlight, blend in with the surrounding metal profile roof sheets further increasing the chance of walking onto the fragile surface.

Simplified Safety offers our Roof Light Cover designed to provide a visible safe non-fragile surface on metal profile in-line roof skylights.

A long term solution using galvanised mesh and metal frame, have been tested for non-fragility to the requirements of the UK’s Advisory Committee for Roof Safety’s (ACR). ACR(M)001-2011 [fourth edition] “Test for non fragility of Profile Sheeted Roofing Assemblies”.

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The open mesh minimises the blocking of light and stops damage to the roof light which could occur if netting from underneath was the alternative solution.

Roof Light Covers can be supplied for on-site assembly or we are pleased to quote for both supply and install.


Our Roof Light Cover is perfect for low level skylights and is ideal for either fragile roof covers on flat or pitched roofs.

For protection of fragile Dome type roof lights, hatch or roof openings we can also offer the Kee Dome range or for temporary access to fragile roof surfaces the Valley walk and Board walk.

For us to provide a quote for our Fragile Light Covers please advise metal roof profile (either sheet type or dimensions), width, length of and quantity required of roof sky lights to be protected.