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Roof Hatch Barrier

Kee Dome® & Kee Dome® Mini, Skylight And Roof Hatch Barrier

Provides a physical barrier between roof workers and potential roof fall hazards such as fragile raised skylights, rooflights and domelights, roof hatches and other openings, for example those created by roof exhaust vents.

Typically used on flat roofs the systems are non-penetrative, and standard Kee Dome can incorporate gates to allow access to roof hatches etc...

Kee Dome differs from standard counterweighted guardrail systems as its unique ‘L’ shaped recycled PVC feet sit at the corner of a roof dome, ensuring a smaller foot print while still remaining an effective roof hatch barrier.

Standard Kee Dome is an 1100mm high barrier system compliant with EN14122 Part 3 and Kee Dome mini provides a low profile solution, less obvious from the ground for added aesthetics and can be specified to meet the requirements of ACR(M)001-2011 [fourth edition] “Test for non fragility of Profile Sheeted Roofing Assemblies” Non Fragile Class A.

All of the designs are as open as possible to prevent falls through whilst ensuring light is not blocked.

Flexibility and Quick Assembly

Using hot-dipped galvanised tube, Kee Klamp® fittings and recycled PVC feet for long term corrosion resistance Kee Dome is available in pre-designed kits with standard uprights and horizontal tubes or can be specified as longer tube lengths to be easily cut to suit and on site.

Depending on the application it is possible to also modify Kee Dome® Mini to work in conjunction with domed roof lights incorporated into metal profile roofs.