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Self Closing Gate

Self Closing Safety Gate

Self Closing Safety Gate, DDA Compliant Industrial Safety Gate

Kee Gate is a solid, industrial safety gate built to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016. The self-closing, spring loaded mechanism creates a safe working environment by automatically closing behind the person who moves through the gate.

Complies with all HSE guidelines in protecting ladder access points, roof hatches, open voids and much more.

Universal size
Cut on site
Human proof
Allows you to easily retrofit the gate to any existing structure.
With a few simple tools, the Kee Gate can be cut on site to fit any size opening.
A spring hinge causes the gate to close automatically.

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Easy Installation

Installation is simple. The gate is supplied 1 metre wide and is designed to be easily trimmed down to suit when required, gates wider than 1m wide can be offered as a custom solution.

Self Closing Safety Gate trimming

To trim down, disconnect the tubular gate from the hinge assembly by loosening the top & bottom cast clamp grub screw using a hex head socket. Measure the distance recorded in point (f) and mark the gate top and bottom tubes and mid rail Using a hacksaw or similar, carefully cut through the top, bottom tubes and mid rail.

For attachment to a circular upright of 33.7, 42.4 or 48.3 mm od tube the gate comes with a standard fixing pack of ā€˜Uā€™ bolts or can be mounted to directly flat surfaces using suitable M10 fixings.

Self Closing Safety Gate, DDA Compliant Industrial Safety Gate Self Closing Safety Gate, DDA Compliant Industrial Safety Gate

Finish Options

The Self Closing Gate is available in 2 options: galvanised (not powder-coated) and galvanised + powder-coated. Both are element resistant and can be used either internally or externally.

The Gate is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. The powder-coated version comes in 'safety yellow' where a higher level of visibility is wanted.

Self Closing Safety Gate options

Custom Safety
Gate Solutions

If one of the standard Self Closing Safety Gate lengths will not work in your particular scenario, custom gates are available. These include extra wide options and we now offer double gates like the one pictured below.

Please click here for more detail.

double self closing gate

Designed to
Work with KeeGuard Roof Guardrail, DDA Handrail, Safety Barriers & KwikKits

Self closing gates are definitely the HSE's preference when it comes to accessing a rooftop opening from a ladder or hatch. Our self closing safety gate easily attaches to tube or various uprights.

Also available is the KeeGuard Ladder Kit which provides permanently fixed guardrail either side of an existing fixed ladder and a self-closing swing gate permitting safe roof access. The kit has been specifically designed to provide a 'retro-fit' solution to existing fixed ladders/cat ladders.

keeguard ladder kit

Our KeeGuard Ladder Kit has been developed to easily clamp onto the existing fixed/ cat ladder and forms a continual link from the guardrail to the stringer of the existing fixed/ cat ladder. The unique fitting connecting the guardrail to the fixed/cat ladder can clamp around a flat or tubular stringer up to 75mm (3ā€) in width/diameter.

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Configuration Assistance

If you need help configuring a setup or you would like to receive a quote for an entire KeeGuard or fall protection system, contact our Sales Team.

Technical Info

gate technical info

Salt tested to test corrosion resistance to: 672 Hours

Tested for 50,000 Closures without failure

Tested to withstand downwards pressure to 225kg

New and Improved Packaging

The new self closing gate now comes in all new packaging ensuring that the gate not only arrives looking good, but undamaged too.

gate packaging

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