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Roof Bridging Ladder

The Roof Bridging Ladder helps to aid in the installation of Solar Panels

Although the Roof Bridging ladder was designed as an accessory for the Solar-Platform, it is also a standalone product in its own right, it can be used from a variety of different work access platforms

bridging ladder

The Roof Bridging Ladder allows you to access the whole roof without setting a foot on the roof surface, it is designed to roll up the roof guided by low impact wheels, set into place, then runners allow it to move along the length of the surface, it can be adjusted so that the height will not impact low lying obstacles on the roof, whether they are solar panels, low level sky lights or raised/delicate tiles.

bridging ladder bridging ladder bridging ladder

Unlike normal roof ladders our Solar Panel Bridging Ladder provides 23cm clearance from roof to underside of stile, and up to 4.6m free span over the roof - allowing for smooth installation or maintenance of existing PV arrays. The ladder is simply rolled up on it's soft rubber wheels and then flipped 90° into position over the ridge. The special roof hook can be fixed to any rung, enabling the ladder to fit any roof with the excess length flying the ridge.

Furthermore, the ladder can be traversed along the ridge in either direction without it being taken down, allowing for easier positioning than with normal roof ladders.


A sliding workstation is available as an optional extra which provides both an integral tool tray and convenient seat. The workstation slides along the rails and can be locked off at any unoccupied rung position, leaving both hands free for maximum safety.

A special trolley is available as an optional extra which slides along the rails so that PV panels and materials can be safely raised to the required position. A pair of gravity operated fail-safe hooks ensure safety in the event of a slip.