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Solar Panel Install

The Solar-Platform solar install product allows easy roof access to enable quick roof access and easy solar panel installations

The Solar-Platform allows for easy and fast Solar Installs by incorporating a built in Solar Panel Pulley, it allows a fast, efficient installation with minimal risk to the delicate solar paneling.

solar panel installation platform

The built in pulley system can be used for any number of uses, although primarily designed to lift Solar Panels up to assist in the solar installation, it can also be used to elevate glass panels, frames or similar hard to manage loads.

The Solar-Platform itself can be erected in under 5 minutes, meaning that you can perform a typical solar installation in a couple of hours

The simplicity of the system means that no specialist training or experience needs to be bought in, so you will not suffer any reoccurring costs !

Catwalks can be used to extend your work area to aid in your Solar Install

Multiple Solar-Platforms can be chained together with Catwalks to enable multiple members of your team to work simultaneously in instances where you wish to install multiple solar panels or in hard to access areas.


The Solar-Platform is designed to provide an enclosed environment to provide adequate fall protection for all members while working with a top and midrail handrail surrounding all personnel while on the platform.

The Solar Panel Install hatch can be locked into a closed position when not in use and is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The system can be upgraded with additional platforms, Catwalks, longer legs when access to taller buildings is required, additional padding to reduce the risk of damage to delicate tiles or window frames and even the Bridging ladder which allows you to work the entire length of the roof and do not want to risk damage to it.

Hoisting of a Solar Panel to Aid in a Solar Panel Install

Solar Panels can be easily brought to the roof using the winch built into every Solar-Platform.

hoist of solar panellingsolar panel in positionhoisting of solar panel

Solar-Platform Features:

Technical Specifications

Solar-Platform Technical Information.

  • Load Rating - 300kg uniformly distributed
  • Lifting capacity - 75kg
  • Platform height - 3.3m to 5.5m (11' to 18')


  • Platform - H30 (6082T6) aluminium
  • Lifting beam - H30 (6082T6) aluminium
  • Deck board - WBP non-slip plywood
  • Steel components - Zinc plated mild steel


The Solar-Platform fully complies with all relevant UK standards

  • Complies with HSE Guidance note GS42 Tower Scaffolds.
  • Tested in accordance with BS1139 part 3 HD 1004 Specification for prefabricated mobile towers Complete with Handrails and Toe Boards.
  • Designed to comply with the 'New' Working at Height Regulations.

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