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Bespoke Step Over Access Platform


Key Benefits:

  • Modular and easy to construct
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Made from Aluminium or Galvanised steel
  • Designed to your specification
  • Free Design and Consultation
  • Designed to EN: 14122

Step Over platforms are an ideal solution to gain safe access where normal access can be impacted due to plant, machinery or even the configuration of the roof.

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Roof access can be a real problem, pipework, low level walls, plantwork or changes in levels can present a real trip hazard or render entire areas of the roof inaccessible making maintenance difficult or even impossible.

Our Bespoke Step Over Platforms are custom designed to suit the individual needs of every application, this means that every platform will be designed to provide the safest method of access possible.


Primarily used to provide workers safe access over obstacles which could cause a trip hazard or to allow access to areas of the roof that would normally be totally inaccessible, their use has been expanded to include bridging, providing a safe walkway between a change in level of the roof or even to enclose plantwork to allow easy and regular maintenance work.

Our Platforms use Kee Walk treads which are glass re-enforced nylon, designed so that water cannot pool onto the step, reducing the possibility of slipping.

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