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Easi-Dec Work Platform

Easi-Dec Work Platforms allow easy access to a variety of scenarios which require safe, quick and easy access.

The Easi-Dec Work Platform allows you to quickly and safely access a variety of roof tops that are usually inaccessible without utilising a costly and/or complicated Scaffold structure.


The Benefits of the Easi-Dec Work Platform allows a 2 man team, within 5 minutes access a work area that would usually take a couple of hours of construction to erect and test a Scaffold tower or structure, not only that, but once erected, the Easi-dec Work Platform can be easily moved from one location to another without having to disassemble it or using any specialist equipment.

The Work Platform when properly erected is enclosed by a handrail to which workers can attach themselves to, providing protection conforming to EN13374.


Purchasing an Easidec outright is soon recouped when comparing it with the rental of scaffolds or towers. By also taking into account the amount of money saved on labour during setup times and the cost of repeated rental, in fact, we estimate that the cost of one Easi-Dec Work Platform is the equivalent of 3 scaffold system rentals for similar project work.

The Easi-Dec Roof Access Work Platform modular design means it can be adjusted telescopically for different heights from 3.3m to 6.8m and is available with a comprehensive range of accessories to cope with the variety of access problems normally encountered with both modern and older building designs.

Easi-Dec Work Access Platforms can accommodate uneven ground and can be lifted and shifted around the building with ease.

The Flexibility of the system enables it to be extended to accommodate multiple people working at once, providing a safe and usable work area of up to 10 metres while working at height.

easi-dec catwalk

The Easi-Dec Work Platform has been specifically designed with the customer in mind, the system easily folds down and will use minimal space for storage or transportation, so whether you have a van or a car with a roof-rack, you can ensure you can arrive on site with all the tools and equipment you need without the additional worry of hiring a vehicle for your job.

Work Platform Features:

Technical Specifications

Easi-Dec Technical Information.

  • Load Rating - 300kg uniformly distributed


  • Platform - H30 (6082T6) aluminium
  • Deck board - WBP non-slip plywood
  • Steel components - Zinc plated mild steel


The Easi-Dec fully complies with all relevant UK standards

  • Complies with EN12811 and EN 13374 Class C.
  • Designed to comply with the 'New' Working at Height Regulations.

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