Large stepover unit to go over a conveyor belt

Location: Wolverhampton, UK
Products: Bespoke stepover platforms

These two huge units were designed as part of a platform system that would help employees safely go up and over an industrial size conveyor belt.

Designed as a response to our customer’s needs

Our customer is a provider of automation solutions based in Wolverhampton. They were looking for a bespoke bridge unit to be installed over an industrial size conveyor belt. Our stepover system would help employees safely access areas around this conveyor belt, as well as, occasionally, items placed on the conveyor.

large stepover for conveyor belt

Our customer reached out to us with a proposed design. The original idea required a single unit to be built over the conveyor belt, with staggered stair access on each side. Following a site visit, we suggested a stepover system constructed of two separate units that would come together over the obstacle.

This design makes the units easier to handle and move around when required (compared to the idea of a single huge unit which would not have the same level of flexibility). The system also takes less space on the shop floor and costs significantly less (using two straight-line stair runs rather than the initial tiered design).

large stepover technical drawing

Each unit was designed with a height clearance of 2.8m and a length of approx 2.2m, creating a walking surface of over 4m long. Extra legs were added in the middle for additional support - these were placed in such a way that they would not interfere with the conveyor belts.

Reducing cost with DIY installation

Despite the size of the units, the customer wanted to install the system on their own. Following the drawings we provided, they were able to construct the platform quickly and easily.

warehouse stepover detail

Deciding on a DIY installation is a good way of saving money on your project. Our Kee Klamp and tube platforms are incredibly easy to put together using a simple hex drill. They are as easy to dismantle too, giving you the option of disassembling the unit and reassembling it somewhere else in your warehouse.

What is more, most of our stepovers include pre-assembled sections which reduce installation time even further.

Looking for a bespoke platform?

Our team is here to help: we design, build and install custom stepovers to suit any industry. See our Bespoke access platforms section for more details or check out our Bespoke platforms gallery to see some of the units that we built for our customers.

Our team is here to help


Our experts will design a platform to suit your requirements.

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