Warehouse and factory walkway barriers

warehouse handrail safety yellow

Simplified offers easy-to-install solutions to provide safe access  and to separate pedestrians from hazards such as forklift or vehicular traffic, machinery and access hatches in environments including  warehouses, loading bays, factories and production areas.

Here are a few examples of Kee Klamp handrails used within a warehouse or factory environment.

Handrails for warehouses


We have a range of pre-assembled handrail posts that can help you just about any kind of safety railing. In a warehouse, safety barriers are essential in areas where pedestrians and materials handling equipment or vehicles are working together. Safety barriers are used to separate the pedestrians from traffic and create a safe designated route around your facility.


These pre-assembled posts can be supplied powder-coated in 'safety yellow' to create highly visible barriers. Incorporate an industrial self-closing gate to ensure the areas are closed off even when someone has passed through and use toeboard  to stop unwanted items being kicked or knocked into the working area.

warehouse railing system


Our Kee Klamp barriers, in conjunction with signage, can be used to designate or cordon areas off to the appropriate staff.

Our range of bespoke and standard step-overs and mobile working platforms can provide safe access over hazards and obstacles (such as conveyors or other machinery) and will allow safe access for machinery repairs and maintenance.

handrail indoor

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